iH Biomedical is a dental biomedical
company operated by dentists for dentists

Continuing Education

Enhance your practice with access to regional educational opportunities, or apply to become a faculty member yourself. Our relationship with our affiliate educational partner, DDS Institute, opens regional education opportunities throughout the US and in select international locations. Education is keyed to regional needs and nuances to help clinicians best serve their local markets.

Compatible Systems

Work your way. We have adapted our compatible implant systems to slide seamlessly into your systems and protocols, not the other way around. To accommodate a range of needs in platforms, threading variations, prosthetic components, and surgical kit efficiencies, we represent multiple best-in-class implant systems.

Lifetime Guarantee

Use our products with confidence. Our rigorous testing process, which includes more than the normal range of fatigue testing, means that the majority of our products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Preferential Pricing

Access volume pricing opportunities unmatched by other top-tier implant companies, a result of our unique relationship with our DSO alliance.

Meet our Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors is made up entirely of experienced clinicians dedicated to iH Biomedical’s product line and innovative educational support. As new procedures become available and new techniques are advanced, our board directs product development to provide tools and guidance for clinical success. Our board members are directly connected to many US-based DSOs and are at the forefront of DSO implant strategies.

By Dentists For Dentists

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